Allows for opening the chat widget in software.


  1. Automatic opening of the chat widget upon going online

    Widget slides out or appears as the status changes to online

    nsc_API = {
        onOnline: function(data) {
            // Automatic opening of the chat widget upon going online
            if (data.real) nsc_Visitor.open();
  2. Widget opening when a button or a link on the page is clicked

    For instance the page contains a "Live Chat" link like this:

    <a href="#">Live Chat</a>

    Add the onclick attribute containing the widget opening code to this link like this:

    <a href="#" onclick="(typeof nsc_Visitor != 'undefined')&&nsc_Visitor.open(); return false;">Live Chat</a>
    Three actions are performed in this case:
    1. nsc_Visitor object existance check
    2. Widget opening
    3. Prevention of default click action, which is the URL following in anchor tag case

See also

  • .close() - Close/minimize the widget
  • .onOpen() - Event for handling the widget opening and preventing it if neccessary.
  • .onAfterOpen() - Event triggered when all anumations of widget opening are completed

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