Markup rules

For the chat widget created via uploading own HTML code into the system to function properly, key elements should be set up accordingly, as in the table below. Furthermore, specifying the required attributes for key elements does not limit you in adding other attributes with the values you need.

ElementRequirementsWindow typeNotes
1 Tab div#nsc_tab Slider The label is used to calculate the widget advancement mechanism. For correct operation it is required that the label be located on the chat widget side that is opposite to the side of its placement onscreen. Additionally, the width (or height, depending on the placement) of this element, calculated without account for the "margin" properties, but with consideration for "padding", should correspond to the distance in pixels the label sticks from the screen edge for.
2 Operator name div#nsc_dsttl All Only for online window
3 Operator description div#nsc_ds All Only for online window
4 Operator avatar div#nsc_avt All Only for online window
5 Chat field div#nsc_history All Only for online window
6 Send button div#nsc_en All
7 Message entry field textarea#nsc_message All
8 Clear chat button div#nsc_clearChat All
9 Sound switch div#nsc_soundSwitch All Only for online window
Use the chat widget onSoundSwitch() event for the visual indication of the switching
10 Send to email input field input#nsc_mailchat_inp All
11 Send to mail button div#nsc_mailchat_button All
12 Upper panel div#nsc_h Pop-up
13 Close window icon div#nsc_cls Pop-up
14 Visitor name entry field input#nsc_name All
15 Phone entry field input#nsc_phone All
16 Email entry field input#nsc_email All
17 Additional field #1 input#nsc_custom1 All
18 Additional field #2 input#nsc_custom2 All
19 Additional field #3 input#nsc_custom3 All
Online widget markup.Netrox SC live chat software.
Fig. 1

Chat widget markup. Netrox SC live chat software. Fig. 2
Fig. 2

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