Netrox SC Developer's Guide

The Netrox online consultant enables you to correct the chat widget behavior on your site. Thanks to the fact that the chat widget is embedded into the site pages directly without using an iframe-container, you have full access to all elements.

For certain changes to the appearance you do not have to upload own chat widget HTML code. If the structure and placement of the elements suit you, but you would like to slightly correct the presentation, you can do it simply by adding CSS styles on the site. If you require to change the widget structure, you have at your disposal the tool for uploading own chat widget HTML code.

If you need to have fuller behavioral integration with the site, you can handle the events generated by the chat widget and refer to the widget object methods ensuring interaction with the site. Using these tools you can pass the data about the visitor to the operator of the online consulting system, regulate the widget's opening and closing, perform additional actions, for instance upon the event of arrival of new message into the chat and much more.

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