Chatting (Chat zone)

The chat zone is the system interface's main section. This is where the site visitors are monitored and chatted with.

In order to switch to the communication area from any other section, select Chat Zone (1) in the upper system interface menu. If you are on the interface starting page, you can use the Proceed to Chats button as well (2).

Netrox SC online consultant Going online
Note that you, as an operator, are identified as Online when, and only when, you are in the communication area.


Apart from the standard upper menu, the communication area consists of four sections (see Fig. 2):

  1. Visitor list
    This is the list of all persons currently on your site. The list is refreshed in real time. Each line of the list represents a site visitor. Information on each visitor is divided into columns.
  2. Agent list
    This displays all the agents of the active site/site group, currently online. All the agents displayed in the list are available for such actions as invitation to chat, chat transferring and inter-agent chat
  3. Chat area This area provides access to tabs of chats with visitors and directly manages correspondence with the visitor whose tab is currently selected.
  4. Visitor detailed information area
    This area provides four tabs related to the visitor currently selected in the chat area. The Info tab contains a detailed information table. The Pages tab displays the list of pages viewed by the visitor. The Comments tab is designed for viewing or adding comments to the visitor or their IP address. And finally, the History tab displays the entire history of prior dialogue with the visitor.
Communication area
Fig. 2

Setting up the communication area layout

The online consultant operator interface is easily and very flexibly adjusted to ensure maximum convenience and work efficiency. All the communication area sections can be moved via Drag & Drop. The system remembers the layout you set up. Netrox SC allows splitting the screen between sections in any proportions.

Moving the sections

In order to move any section of the communication area (visitor list, chat area...) move the mouse cursor to the upper section edge so that the cursor changes shape to crossed arrows. After you begin moving a section, controlling elements emerge at the edges of the communication area, above which you can put down the moved section. In this case the section will occupy the half of the screen on the side of the corresponding controlling element.

Similar controlling elements, shaped as pluses, will appear when moving to the remaining sections of the communication area. When moving one section into another, the area occupied by the receiving section, will be split in two.

Modifying section size

In the Netrox SC communication area you can change the size of any section by dragging at the edges.

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