Visitor statuses

The first two columns of the visitor list (provided the columns are located by default) indicate the visitor status and the direction of the last message in the chat.
Aside from that, there are additional attributes that provide more quick information about the visitor status. These include the visitor name column and the visitor row as a whole.


Vacant The empty cell of the condition column means that the visitor is vacant. There has not been any correspondence with them.
Incoming call
The visitor has written a message and so far no operators have engaged in correspondence with them. This means there is an incoming call from the visitor. If the incoming call order is set on the site, this icon means the visitor is directed to you in particular.
Also the call icon appears if another operator redirects a chat to you, or is inviting you to the correspondence.
My chat There is visitor correspondence currently underway and you are participating.
Other chat There is correspondence underway with a visitor but you are not participating (other operators are holding the conversation).
Chat finished There was a chat with a visitor but all operators left it (the chat is finished).
If an operator opens a vacant visitor, shifting them under the "My chat" condition and then leaves it without writing any message, the chat will not be considered finished. The visitor will return to Vacant.
Blocked Either an operator or the "Soft locking" filter has blocked this visitor
This is the designation only of soft locking performed from the communication area or by the "Soft locking" filter. Visitors blocked by IP address will not be seen in the visitor list. They are simply not displayed.

Direction of last message in chat

This column shows whose message the correspondence ended with.

No chat The lack of the icon shows that no messages have been recored with the visitor in a chat.
From visitor The last message was sent by the visitor.
From robot Automatic invitation to chat sent by the system to the visitor.
From me The last message was sent by me.
From operator The last message was sent by another operator

Visitor name

The value of the "Visitor name" is highlighted by bold script in case the visitor is a first-timer on the site. If the visitor name script is standard, this means the visitor has been to the site before.

Visitor's line in list and correspondence

If the visitor's line in the list and the correspondence with the current visitor are "washed out", this means the visitor has left the site. In the "pale" state the line will remain for 30 more seconds after the visitor is removed from the list, but only if you do not have the chat with the visitor opened in the correspondence area. If the chat is opened, the line will remain in the list until you close the correspondence.

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