Transferring links

Netrox SC supports hyperlink autodetection. In general there is no need to insert links manually. The only reason for that is if you want to provide a customized text which is different from the link URL address.

In order to pass a text link to a visitor:

  1. Press Hyperlink in the additional tool panel above the message input field (fig.1).

    link insertion button
    Fig. 1
    You can also use the ctrl + L key combination on the keyboard.
  2. In the ensuing dialog window enter the link text and the URL clicking the link will bring to (fig.2).

    Link text and address modal window. Netrox SC Chat Zone
    Fig. 2
    If you left the Visible text field empty and only filled in the URL field, the URL will automatically be substituted instead of the link text.
  3. Press the OK button or the Enter key on the keyboard.

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