List views

If your site enjoys sufficient amounts of traffic, it is possible not to display every person present on the site in the visitor list, but only a portion of the audience. To do that, use the dropdown view menu in the tool panel above the visitor list.

In Netrox SC by default the operator has the following views available to them:

  1. All
    Show all site visitors (set by default)
  2. Except blocked
    As it follows from the name, this option displays all the visitors except those who have been blocked.
  3. Incoming messages
    All chats with the final message arriving from the visitor.
    Be careful when using this view. If you respond to a visitor, they will cease qualifying for the view rule and will disappear from the list. Therefore, if you selected the "Incoming messages" view, try to fit your response into one message.
  4. My chats and incoming messages
    This only displays the chats you are participating in and the incoming calls from visitors.
  5. Vacant and incoming messages
    Only the vacant visitors who have not been chatted with and incoming calls from visitors.
    The same warning as with the "Incoming messages" applies to this view.
Visitor list views
Fig. 1

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