Detailed information

Among the information available to the operator is the visitor's geographical location, browsing data within the website, the link source and technical information about their system.
Additionally, if the a visitor entered personal information on your site, or you managed to obtain in with some other means, it can also be displayed in the detailed information fields.

The majority of detailed information fields are displayed in the columns of the visitor list. Also this information is represented as a table in the Info tab (Fig. 1)

Detailed visitor information
Fig. 1

Detailed information block fields:

  1. Name
    If the visitor has entered their name, it will be displayed in this field. If the visitor's name is unknown, this field will display the automatically assigned visitor number here.
  2. Comment 
    If this visitor has comments attached thereto, the latest of them will be displayed in this field.
  3. Website
    This field displays what site in particular the visitor is currently on. It is useful when an operator works with visitors of several sites simultaneously.
  4. Domain name 
    The domain name of the page the visitor is on.
  5. IP address
    Aside from the IP address, this field displays the last, commentary, if any, to the visitor's IP address.
  6. City, Country
  7. Agents 
    Divided by the ";" sign, this field displays the last names of the operators who have the correspondence tab with this visitor open.
  8. First-time visit
    Date and time your site was first visited by this visitor.
  9. Current visit
    Date and time your site was last visited by this visitor.
  10. Linked from
    Link source
  11. Request
    The search request in case it came from a search engine.
  12. Ad campaign
    Google AdWords, Yandex.Direct, ...
  13. Email
    If the visitor has entered their email address, it will be displayed in this field.
  14. Phone
    If the visitor has enter their telephone number, it will be displayed in this field.
  15. Field 1, Field 2, Field 3
    Custom visitor information fields (Category, Company and Custom helpful ID on fig.1). They can be placed in the chat window on the site so that visitors would fill them in. They can also be filled by yourself based on available data and using Javascript API
  16. Time spent 
    Overall time spent by the visitor on the pages of your site throughout this visit.
  17. Page (current)
    The current page the visitor is on.
  18. Page title
    Title of the visitor's current page.
  19. Pages viewed
    The number of pages viewed during this visit.
  20. Time zone
  21. Screen
    Visitor screen resolution, in the WxH format, in pixels.
  22. Browser/OS
    Visitor's browser and operation system.

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