From time to time there might be visitors to your site that use the SC interactive form to insult your agents.
Using these options you can block the unwanted visitors. This will make the interactive form invisible to such users, while they will retain access to your site.

Two blocking options are provided in the system:

  1. Simple blocking

    Blocks based on cookies and can be done by the system operator via the chat area or by the automatic visitor filtration system.

    In order to block a visitor, use one of the blocking buttons (the "lock" icon) in the tool panel of the visitor list or the chat area
  2. Blocking by IP address

    Available to users with relevant access rights.

    In order to block a visitor by the IP address, go to Website -- General and add the visitor's IP address in the Excluded IP addresses section.

    The same tool can be used to prevent your employees from distracting the operators by their presence in the visitor list.

    The visitors from the excluded IP address will not see the chat widget on the site and will not be featured in the visitor list.

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