Working with visitors

In Netrox SC you work with visitors in real time. This means that at any moment the visitor that is currently on your website, could be invited to chat by your operators.

Each line of the list represents a visitor. Line cells contain information on the visitors, divided into columns. Column size and order can be easily adjusted without leaving the communication area.

Visitors list. Netrox SC online consultant

Visitors list tool panel

  1. Action buttons

    Affect the selected visitors on the list.

    Open Opens the selected visitors' tabs in the chat area.
    End chat Disconnects you from the selected chats you are participating in. If you were the last operator in the chat, it switches to the "Finished chat" state.
    Block Blocks all selected visitors
    Unblock Unblocks all selected visitors if they were blocked previously.
    Transfer chat Carries out the transfer to another operator for all selected chats.
    Invite operator Invites another operator to all selected chats.
  2. Site selection dropdown menu

    If you have access to communication at several sites at once (maybe even of those of different organizations) you will see the site selection dropdown menu. If you are connected only to a single site, no site selection will be available in the tool panel.

    Please note that if you are communicating through a group of sites to begin with, the tool panel will not have the site selection dropdown menu. Site whose visitors are to be monitored should then be switched via the system's starting page.
  3. View dropdown menu

    Here you can select the view to use with the visitors list.

  4. Visitors counter

    Displays the overall number of visitors currently on the website.

  5. New visitors counter

    Displays the number of new visitors on the website. It refers to first-time visitors of your website.

How to start a chat with a visitor

In order to open a visitor, just double-click on the corresponding line. The second option is to select one or several visitors in the list and press the Open button in the tool panel above the list. If you selected several visitor lines, all of them will be opened as tabs in the chat area. 

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