Personal data

The Settings -- Personal data section of the Netrox live chat software contains your personal information. The Personal card section of the left menu can be used to change the last and first name, chat nickname and photo.

First and last names are data that is needed only for internal convenience and your identification amongst other operators. This data never goes outside and the site visitors will not see it.

Chat nickname

When you registered or were invited into the system, by default your name was placed in the Chat nickname field. In the Personal data block you can assign any other name for the chat that will be displayed to the visitors of your website.

If the site administrator specified another chat nickname for you, different from the one you assigned, on display will be the name assigned by the administrator in the Account -- Users -- Site access section.

Operator avatar

The same rules, as to the operator name and description, apply to photo usage. The uploaded photos should belong to one of the following types: png, gif, jpg

If the site uses a widget created with the standard visual layout kit, you can specify the avatar picture dimensions in the Website -- Widget themes -- Avatar block section or ask the site administrator in the live chat system if you have no access to this section. 
If the window was made with custom HTML code upload, ask the administrator about the required photo size. Any dimensions can be used.

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