Interface settings

All settings for the communication area of the Netrox SC online consultant are gathered in the "Settings -- Interface" section and distributed over the left vertical menu items.

Everything that is adjustable in this subsection, as well as the entire section of the Settings menu only affects the current user of the system. Each user shall individually set up the online consultant interface to suit their particular needs. The majority of settings from this subsection are also available directly in the communication area in the drop-down menus of the visitor list, the chat area and the visitor detail area.

In the first item of the left Interface Elements menu you can set up:

  1. Display operator list
    Turns on/off the operator list in the communication area.
    With the operator list off, the functions "Invite Operator to Chat" and "Transfer Chat to Different Operator" remain fully functional. The Inter-Operator Chat function is unavailable with the operator list turned off.
  2. Use site canned messages 
    If you tick this box, in the communication area's template response list there will be general message templates for all operators of the site.
  3. Use personal canned messages 
    Checking this box turns on your own canned messages.

Interface settings units

Section nameDescription
List views

You can select which views to include in the dropdown menu above the visitors list in the chat area of the on-line consulting system.

Switching the interface language

You can switch the on-line consultant interface language

Hot keys

You can set up the key combinations for line breaks and sending the message. 

Setting up the visitor list

Some settings of the visitor list are available directly from the chat zone.

Desktop notifications

У вас есть возможность регулировать появление уведомлений на рабочем столе для разных событий в зоне общения.

Sound notifications

Manage sound notifications

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