Desktop notifications

Within Chrome you can receive notifications upon receipt of new messages, new visitors and incoming calls on your desktop, while the chat area window of Netrox SC is minimized into the task panel.

Currently the ability to use pop-up notifications is also available in Mozilla Firefox. A special plug-in can be installed for the earlier versions of Firefox which do not support this function.

In order to turn on desktop pop-up notifications:

  1. Press F5 (refresh page) while in the chat area
  2. After refreshing left-click anywhere in the window. If the "Allow notifications from this site?" query appears above, press "Allow".

If the request for permission does not appear:

  1. Within the browser, press Customize and control Google Chrome (button with three horizontal bars in the upper right corner) -- Settings -- Show advanced settings... -- Privacy -- Content settings -- Notifications -- Manage exceptions
  2. In the ensuing window delete (by pressing the cross) the line
  3. Repeat items 1 and 2

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