Setting up Google Chrome

The Netrox online consultant is very easy to set up within Google Chrome. It will enable the operator to perform at maximum capacity. The web interface will be virtually identical to that of a regular Windows application you are used to working with. Chrome supports desktop notifications and allows for starting the system in a window that is separate from the main browser, as well as for creating an auto-start shortcut.

Google Chrome was developed as a browser that is primarily tailored for web applications using the SaaS model.
First off, Chromium that Google Chrome is based on, uses the more effective JavaScript engine, which allows for significant boosting of the interface operation speed. Additionally, Chrome possesses a number of unique functions facilitating effective operation of such applications in general and Netrox SC in particular.

It is not obligatory to use Chrome as the default browser. You can use your favorite browser for surfing the Web and install Chrome solely for Netrox SC operation.

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