Basic operation principles

  1. Only open one window/browser tab at once to work in the system's Chat Zone.
  2. When switching from the Chat Zone to any other section (upper menu item) that is different to the Chat Zone, to the visitor and other operators the operator goes "offline".
  3. If on another tab you changed any system settings affecting the currently open "Chat" tab, refresh the "Chat" tab in your browser for the changes to take effect.
  4. If you have suspicions that the system is not behaving the way it is supposed to, we recommend that you refresh the browser window the system is open in. If the results are not satisfactory, address the technical support desk.
  5. If all operators become unavailable to the visitor during an active chat, the user's chat widget shifts to the offline form. Meanwhile the visitor retains the message-entering ability. The message entered by the visitor in the online form will be saved and will remain in the message entry field. Upon pressing the "send" button the message will be delivered to operators and will be available to them for viewing after logging on into the Netrox SC system. If the visitor enters their question in the message entry field in the offline form and at that time "online" operators emerge, the visitor's message, thanks to the ChatRecovery technology, will be transferred from the offline form message entry field into the online form entry field of the visitor's chat widget.
Knowledge of these simple rules will help you not miss incoming calls and prevent the emergence of technical issues in system operation, as well as problems arising when drawing up reports about operator work.

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