Transferring a chat to another agent

This Netrox SC live chat software feature is used in those cases when it is needed that the chat with a visitor be continued by another agent. Usually it is the case if there are dedicated consultants involved, as well as if the chat request distribution system is organized in such a way that all incoming calls are distributed by the dispatcher manually. 

You can transfer the opened chat to another agent from the visitor chat area. In order to do that, please:

  1. Press the Transfer chat to another agent button (wavy arrow) in the chat area tool panel.
  2. In the highlighted operator list select the required agent to switch the chat to.

Additionally, you can transfer chats to another operator by using the similar transfer button in the visitor list tool panel. The procedure is the same.

After transferring the chat to another agent the system will disconnect you from the chat. This means that only the new operator will remain in the chat.

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