Inviting an agent into a chat

Inviting an agent into a chat is different from the switching chat to another operator function with the fact that the live chat software does not close the chat and does not disconnect you from it. After another agent accepts the chat invite, you will be consulting the visitor together.

This function may be useful if you need to engage an expert specializing in issues that are beyond your competence or to ascertain specifics. A typical example would be a salesman inviting a technical expert into a chat to ascertain characteristics or the feasibility of implementing a project.

You can invite an agent to an opened chat from the visitor chat area. In order to do that, please:

  1. Press the "Invite another agent to this chat" button (Human silhouette with the "+" sign) in the chat area tool panel.
  2. In the ensuring dropdown list select the agent you want to invite.

Additionally, you can invite an agent to a chat by using the similar invite button in the visitor list tool panel. The procedure is the same.

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