"Slider" type chat widget

Slider is the most common chat widget type in Netrox SC. Each newly created chat widget theme belongs to that type by default.


Only the chat widget label is constantly present in the visible part of the screen. The chat window itself is beyond the screen and comes forward into the visible area in two cases:

  1. The visitor has clicked the label
  2. A new message from an operator has arrived

Clicking the open chat widget label causes it to close.

As opposed to the Pop-up and Embedded window types, the slider has two additional capabilities:

  1. Hide the chat widget from visitors
    The purpose of this function is not to let a customer ask a question first. This means that on the site the chat widget will appear only after the first message arrives from the operator.
  2. Turon off offline form
    Also, when using the Slider window type, you can set it up so that the widget is visible on the site only if at least one operator is online. When all operators go offline, the widget will simply be gone from the site.
You or your programmers can always adjust the "slider" widget type behavior by using our Javascript API's abilities for handling chat events

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