Экспорт/импорт и копирование тем

The chat widget theme exporting/importing and copying functions allow to quickly create new themes based on existing ones, as well as easily transfer themes between sites.

In order to copy, export, import or delete a chat widget theme:

  1. Proceed to the Website section
  2. Select the Widget themes subsection.
  3. Make sure you have selected the right website from the dropdown at the upper left.
  4. Check if selected is the demanded widget theme on which you want to apply the action.
  5. Select the relevant action in dropdown menu.
Copying and exporting/importing of the chat widget themes. Netrox SC online consultant


Prior to copying, select the required Website and Theme that should be copied. After selecting the Copy action, in the selected site a theme will appear, named "Name_of_copied_theme Copy Date Time"


Themes are exported in the .XML format. After selecting the Export action a file will appear on your drive, named "NetroxWidget-theme_number-theme_ID.xml"


A theme is imported by way of loading a Netrox file into the system, named "NetroxWidget-theme_number-theme_ID.xml". By default, after pressing the Import button, a new chat widget theme is created, in unsaved form.

 You can select 4 importing options:

  1. Import into a new theme but do not save automatically
  2. Import into a selected theme but do not save automatically
  3. Create new theme and save automatically
  4. Import into selected theme and save automatically

To select a variant, mark the options in the modal window

Chat widget theme importing. Netrox SC online consultant


After selecting the Delete action the system will bring up a notification about impossibility to restore the theme

Chat widget deletion Netrox SC online consultant

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