Chat widget themes

Widget themes comprises a number of parameters responsible for the layout and behavior of the chat widget on the pages of your website.

In order to obtain access to the chat widget settings:

  1. In the upper menu select the Website section
  2. Go to Widget themes
  3. If you have administrator access to several sites in the Netrox SC online consultant, a dropdown site list will be located in the upper left corner. Make sure that you have selected the site where you need to set up the chat widget.
If you cannot access the Widget themes section, it is likely you do not have access to website administration. Ask your organization's account manager to grant you the relevant rights.

Each theme consists of an indivisible pairing (Fig.1 - 4):

  1. Widget. Displayed when at least one available operator is online
  2. Offline feedback form. When no operators are online.
Selection for adjustment of online or offline widget. Netrox SC live chat software. Fig.1Fig. 1
A unique system code is hard-wired into each theme. You can both set a single widget theme for all website pages and prepare different widget windows for different pages. When editing the chat window, take notice of which website pages have the theme code installed.

Each theme may be adjusted using one of the two methods: using a visual layout kit in the system interface or by uploading your own widget window HTML code.

Any changes to the theme settings, including method toggling (layout kit/own code) are applied automatically and do not require repeated installation of the code onto site pages.

The theme set is individual for each site linked to your account. This means that the theme code will work only when placed in the domains included in the given site's settings.

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