Visitor's chat widget tab

If Slider is the selected window type, you will have the label editing block available. The label is the element that is always visible on screen. It sticks from behind the window edge. Clicking it drags in and out the chat widget.

Dimensions (pix.)

You can adjust the lable length and width.

  1. Width
    How many pixels the label sticks from behind the screen edge for. Regardless of the chat widget's placement onscreen, "width" always refers to this indicator.
  2. Length
    This is the size of the part of the label adjacent to the chat widget body. If this field is empty or the specified length is bigger than the adjacent chat widget dimension, the label will be equal in length to the chat widget.


Select the background color for the label here


Inscription on the label is something that you will likely want to modify. This inscription is an image. Instead of it you can upload any other image. In order to do that, as in the case with the logo, type in the text field the absolute or the relative pathname to the file containing the image.

Open/Close arrow icon

The arrow automatically changes its direction when minimizing/maximizing the window. To toggle the arrow visibility on the label, use the Display check box. You can also select the presentation of the arrow from one of two options.

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