Visitor information input fields

You can enable your website visitor to write any information about themselves to be seen in the chat zone.

Any information fields about the visitor can be filled in and read by software via JavaScript API.

Information entry fields are located in the upper part of the chat widget, right below the logo panel (if present) in the order given in the settings.

Enabling information entry fields

You can enable 3 standard fields (Visitor name, Telephone, Email) and three additional fields. The entry fields are enabled by checking the box next to the field name. For each of the entry fields to be enabled the title and the placeholder text can be edited (placeholder text refers to that of an empty field). If you do not want to use placeholder text, just leave the relevant field empty, or clear the text within, if any.

Mandatory information entry fields

Any of the visitor information entry fields may be made mandatory for filling. In order to do that, just check the box Make mandatory appearing after the field is enabled, and edit the notification text about the mandatory nature of the entry.

If any mandatory field is left empty, or filled-in incorrectly (such as the email address field), when attempting to send a message the visitor will see a warning containing the text you provide.

In the online widget mandatory fields are checked only if the chat contains no messages.


The width of the entire block with information entry fields is always equal to the width of the chat widget body. Adjustable are the entry field height and width. Note that editable is the width of the entry field in particular, not including the title.

Title general settings

In this section, edit the colors and fonts for all entry field titles.

Entry field general settings

Here, edit the colors and fonts for all entry fields, as well as the font color for the placeholder text.

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