Chat history field in the visitor's chat window

This block contains the settings for viewing the chat in the widget, as well as the settings for the chat itself. The first setting is Display message sending time.


The chat area always has width that is equal to the width of the chat widget body, adjustable in the General block.
Adjustable dimensions in the chat area include:

  1. Height (pix.)
    The chat area height value in pixels.

    You are not limited in setting up this parameter, but remember that the chat area should be tall enough for the visitor to feel comfortable chatting. At the same time, do not forget about the visitors working on low-resolution screens.
    One can suppose that with the standard font size (10 -- 14 pixels), the chat area shorter than 100 pixels will hardly be comfortable. Meanwhile, if it is made to be larger than 250 pixels, that would probably be too much, and not for everyone to use.
  2. Scroll bar width
    The scroll bar width value in the chat area, in pixels.


Set the chat area background color, the scroll bar color and the scroller color here.

If you are familiar with CSS, you can easily add a background (image) to the chat area, but adding the #nsc_hs {background-image: url(<pathname_to_background_image>) !important;}.


Message font in the chat area.

Message titles

Visitor messages and system messages will require entering a title (that which will precede such messages in the chat area).

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