Header (logo panel)

This area is designed for containing your logo or any other image you decide to place therein. The header area is the uppermost element of the chat widget.

Among the available header settings there are:

  1. Activate

    If your window type is "Pop-up", the header panel is also used for dragging the widget across the screen.
  2. Window closing button
    This is the cross to the right of the logo panel (available only with the "Pop-up" window type).
    If you do not activate the closing button for the pop-up window, having once opened, it will keep popping up on each page with no way to hide it.
  3. Height
    Height of the logo panel, in pixels.

    Remember that if you make the logo panel too tall, it will occupy much of valuable space which could, for instance, be used for the chat area.
  4. Background
    Background color. Click the colored rectangle to open up the color selection tool. If you are using the transparent logo image, this color will show through it. Additionally, if the logo image is smaller than the panel, all the hollow space will be colored the same color selected here.

  5. Logo image
    And, finally, the image itself. The image is supplied by specifying a pathname to a file. If the file is contained on your site, you can specify the relative pathway to it (relative to the chat widget installation pages).
    Also a logo can be stored on a third-party site, such as an image-hosting site. The important thing is for the image to be available at the absolute address that should be entered in this field

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