The "General" block

The majority of settings in this block are common for both the chat window and the offline form. Meaning, this block reflects the settings of the chat window theme as a whole. The exceptions here are the subsections Dimensions (in pixels) and Colors since they are individual to the chat window and the feedback form and can be different.

Window type

Here, you should select one of the three chat window types: slider, pop-up or embedded.

Visibility parameters

If "slider" is the selected window type, you have 2 additional options avaliable: Hide the online window from visitors and Turn off offline form. Their purpose is described on the page Chat widget themes -- Chat widget types -- Slider


For the Slider and Pop-up window types you should select the placement of the chat window onscreen. To select, click one of the placement schemes and enter space from the screen edge in case of the slider and two spaces (horizontal and vertical) in case of the pop-up window.

Dimensions (in pixels)

Primary window dimensions set-up section.

  1. Widget width

    The chat window body width in pixels. This includes all the basic window elements (visitor information entry, correspondence history, message entry). This value does not include the outlines and the chat window dividers. The shortcut, if the selected window type is the slider, is also beyond this width.

    By default, with vertical placement of the chat window (above and below), the shortcut length is equal to the window width. You can reduce the shortcut length in the corresponding block.
    The optimal value of the window width is about 300 pixels.
  2. Outline thickness

    Thickness of the line framing the chat window around its perimeter, in pixels.

    In order to completely remove the outline, assign to it the thickness of 0 (zero) pixels.
  3. Inner border width (between elements)

    Thickness of the line separating the chat window elements from one another, in pixels. The same line forms the second outline of the entire chat window.

    In order to completely remove the dividers, put 0 (zero) in this field.
  4. Padding in text elements

    Aside from the space from the edge in the chat window text boxes, this value is also used for calculations in the photo block, department selection form and other chat window blocks.

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