Department selection form

You can grant the visitor the ability to select a department prior to initiating a chat. In the standard widget construction kit the department selection form covers entirely the chat fields and message input space. Departments are selected by left-clicking the bar corresponding to the chosen department.

In order to preview changes made in the department selection form, press the More button below the preview area and select View department selection form in the ensuing menu.

The department selection form will be displayed in the chat window with the following conditions met at once:

  1. The account has set-up departments available for viewing on this website
  2. Currently there are at least 2 (two) departments with at least one online operator. This means that the visitor will never see a suggestion to "choose" between one and the same department.
  3. The department selection form is included in the chat widget.

In order to activate the department selection form, check the Activate box.
Using the Display department icons and Display department descriptions check boxes, define the department selection bar structure.

Dimensions (pix.)

Here you should specify the height for the department selection bars and the width of the dividers. All dimensions are given in pixels. Try to consider the number of departments in the list and set up in such a way that all bars fit in the space designed for them. Department icons are scalable.


Select the colors for the department selection bars in regular state and when under the mouse pointer. The space free from the department bars will be filled with the regular (non-active) bar color. Also select the color for the department list dividers.


Set up fonts for department titles and descriptions.

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