Operator avatar and description block in the visitor's chat window

The photo block contains three elements. The photograph of the operator writing the last message in the chat, the name of this operator and their description. Until there are still no operators in the chat, default values for these three elements are displayed.

You can select one of three viewing options for the photo block:

  1. Do not show the photo block
  2. Embed in chat field
    The block will be contained within the chat field and will be scrollable together with other messages.
    The advantage of this method is that when the visitor enters a website, they see the default operator photo, name and description, and later, when the chat is already on, the photo block is not visible and does not occupy the valuable space within the chat widget.
  3. Display as separate block
    When selecting this option, the photo block will be laid out as a separate static element of the chat widget and will be located above the chat field.


Set the photo block background here. If you selected to locate the block inside the chat field, it is usually the case that the tidiest option is for the background to be identical to the chat field background.


Set fonts for the operator name and description.

Values for when no operators are on

Default values are set up here. They will be displayed in the photo block until the chat get the first message from the operator.

The photo, similarly to a logo, is linked by writing into the system the absolute or the relative pathway to the image file. The image may be located on your website or any other (for instance, an image hosting site).

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