Visual layout kit for chat widgets

The standard layout kit is a powerful visual tool for adjusting the chat widget look.

The layout kit operates in 3 modes:

  1. Basic settings
  2. Extended settings
  3. Text only

To toggle between these modes, use the respective control elements (fig. 1)

Standard visual layout kit for widget windows
Fig. 1

By default the layout kit is included in the "Basic settings" mode. Using these settings you can select the "Template" of the future widget window by selecting the window style you need from the list of suggestions. After pressing the "Apply" button the template will be displayed in the preview window and all template parameters will be available for editing. 

In the "Basic settings" the following parameters are available for editing:

  1. Theme Name
  2. Template
  3. Color scheme
  4. Text set all the widget texts in different languages. The languages not supported in pre-made sets may be added by way of editing texts in the "Extended settings" or "Text only" modes of the layout kit.
  5. Common font
  6. Placement onscreen

If you find the Basic settings lacking options, use the Extended settings mode. Read more about the layout kit operation in this mode below. 

When creating a new widget theme or correcting the selected template in the Basic settings  mode you can use the Extended settings mode . To make sure the theme is in the widget construction mode, open the General block and check if the Extended settings mode is on and the Theme creation method switch is in the Widget creation kit position (fig. 2).

Standard visual layout kit for widget windows
Fig. 2
The standard visual layout creation kit covers 80% of needs in regards to the chat widget appearance. If you want more, you can always upload your own chat widget HTML code, with no system constraints for appearance adjustment.

The Extended settings tools are divided into the left menu blocks:

Header (logo panel)
Info fields
Chat history field
Avatar block
Message input field
Typing indicator
Department selection form

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