Chat widget windows on the visitor's side

The chat windows function in real-time.
This refers to all chat functions. There is no need to wait for the page to refresh if you want to send a visitor an invitation to chat or, for instance, to change status.

Here are the principles of the chat widget operation on the visitor's side:

  1. The chat widget is a structural element of the website. It does not generate pop-up windows. Chat is conducted directly on the site regardless of the chat widget type selected.
  2. When going from page to page and refreshing pages:
    1. The correspondence "flows" from page to page
    2. The widget restores its previous status (open/closed).
  3. If a new message arrives from the operator, the chat window becomes open. This means that it comes forward from behind the screen if the widget type is Slider, and pops up, if the widget type is Pop-up.
    If you do not want the chat window to open upon the event of new message arrival, this action can by default be canceled via javascript using the onOpen event. Personal indication of new message arrival can be implemented using the onNewMessage event handler.
  4. If the chat switched to "offline" while the visitor was typing a message, the message template will be transferred to the offline form, if provided for. The same rule applies to the opposite direction as well.

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