Adding users

In order to add users to the system, you need to have the account administrator rights.

To invite an existing or new user to the system:

  1. Select Account in the upper system interface menu
  2. Select the Users subsection tab
  3. If you administer several accounts, make sure that in the dropdown menu above you have selected the account of the organization you want to add a user to. If you only have one organization account, the dropdown menu will not be available.
  4. Press the Add user button
    Adding users. Netrox SC live chat software. Fig. 1
  5. In the ensuing prompt box enter the email address of the user you want to invite.
    Use only real email handles. If a user cannot access the mailbox, they will not be able to accept your invitation.
  6. Enter the last and first names of the new user
  7. Select the new user's gender
  8. Select the new user's required role for the organization's account. More on roles for the account
  9. Press the Next button
    Adding users. Netrox SC live chat software. Fig. 2
  10. If there are no departments in the organization account, move to item 12 of the manual.
    If departments are set up for the organization account, check the boxes corresponding to the departments the user should be assigned to. If needed, specify the user positions in said departments.
  11. Press the Next button
    Adding users. Netrox SC live chat software Fig. 3
  12. If the user does not require access to the account sites, move to the item 18 of the manual.

    Select the user role for the account sites. More on site roles

  13. If needed, specify the name to be displayed for this user in the visitor chat window.
  14. Optionally, a description can be entered for the operator to be displayed in the visitor chat window. The description is displayed in the operator's photo block if it is turned on in the settings.
  15. If the selected site role is the Operator, check the box Access to correspondence report, should said access be provided to the new user.
  16. If the user has to participate in distributing the incoming chat calls, check the box Add to the incoming call queue
  17. If needed, upload the user photo to be displayed on the site chat window.
  18. Press the Done button
    Adding users. Netrox SC live chat software Fig. 4

An invitation to connect to the NetroxSC system will be sent to the electronic address you specified. After the user confirms the invitation, they will have access to your account and the sites located thereon, with the corresponding rights, and you will be messaged, notifying the user has accepted your invitation.

If the user with the specified email handle does not yet have an entry in the system, after accepting the invitation, they will also get an email containing their login and automatically assigned password. They could later change their password in the Settings section.

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