Installing Netrox SC on a website

The glue code of the Netrox SC online assistant should be copied into the source code of your site.
The system code is to be installed only once. Changes in the appearance of the chat widgets are implemented on the site automatically, without the need to reinstall the system code.

The system code installation procedure:

  1. Log into the system via the website
  2. Press the Obtain the system code button on the starting page.
    If for some reason you are not at the starting page or simply do not see there the obtain code button, go to Website -- Widget themes. In the upper tool panel press the System code button
  3. Copy the system code string.
  4. Insert the system code string onto those pages of your site where you want to see the chat widget. The system code should be inserted directly in front of the closing tag </body>
    If you do not know how to find the files containing the initial code of your site, address the personnel supporting and servicing your website to install the code.

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