General website settings

These settings apply within a Website. If you added several Websites to an Account, this setting is made for each of the sites individually.

In order to access website's general settings go to Website -- General (Fig. 1 - 1, 2). If you have several sites, make sure that the right one is selected in the dropdown menu to the upper left (Fig. 1 - 3). If you only have one site, the dropdown menu will not be available.

Website general settings. Netrox SC live chat software

Site language setting

Select the required language from the dropdown list (Fig. 1 - 4). By default the language is set according to the browser perferences of the administrator registering the account.

This setting affects the display language of the visitor location in the operator's chat zone, and is also used when creating new chat widget themes in the visual layout kit. Note that the visitor's chat widget language can be changed to any other. Meanwhile the site language will remain as previously set by the administrator.

Time zone setting

Select the relevant time zone from the dropdown list (Fig. 1 - 5).

This setting affects all reports in the system and the displaying of the message arrival time in the operator chat zone. Visitor-side widgets use local system time zone settings.

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