Excluded IP addresses

These settings allow for hiding the chat widget for some users. Additionally, the visitors whose addresses are marked as excluded, will not be displayed in the visitor list and are not considered in the statistics.

In order to exclude visitors with specific IP address from tracking by the system:

  1. Go to website manage section (Website in upper menu)
  2. Click General subsection tab
  3. If you have several sites, make sure that the right one is selected in the dropdown menu to the upper left. If you only have one site, the dropdown menu will not be available.
  4. Type in the IP address you want to exclude
  5. Press the Add button
Excluded IP addresses. Netrox SC live chat software
A typical use for this option would entail your company's IP address to be marked as excluded to prevent your employees from influencing the chat statistics. Additionally, when visiting your own site, your employees will not distract the operators' attention from clients.

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