Sites management

An unlimited number of sites can be set up with your account.
Perhaps you do not need to add a site but domains to an existing site. Read this page through to establish that.
In Netrox SC terms a Website is a separate chat space.
Example: if a visitor, having been linked from one web page to another, saw an empty (new) chat in the widget, it means they have gone to another site.

Sites or domains?

Below is a comparison table for websites' functional differences, recorded in the system as Websites and as Domains

Different chat widget design on different websites YES YES
Common chat widget design –* YES
Separate chat when switching from one site to another YES
Common chat, flowing form one site to another when switching between sites YES
Different names and photographs to one and the same operator for different sites YES
Common visitor list YES (PRO tariff) YES
Operators' access on sites can be limited YES

* - In fact you can create the same widget design for different websites even created as Websites. But it's possible through the chat widget theme duplication with the help of import/export options. Chat widget theme belongs to Website entity in Neterox SC live chat system.

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