Website report

The site report illustrates the load of the live chat system, as well as what time of the day is the busiest in terms of requests from your site's visitors. Based on this information you can adjust the operator work schedule.

To draw up a sites report, select the required time span in the calendar. Press the "Draw up" button.

If you are user of more than one site, you can select from the dropdown list the site the reports will be based on.
By default, the already-drawn report for the previous day is shown.

This shows diagrams for each day of the selected time span. At the horizontal axis the time of day in hours (from 0 to 23) is plotted.

The upper part of the diagram illustrates the presence of operators "online" throughout the selected time span. This enables you to visually evaluate the extent of the operators' presence and its correspondence with the visitors' maximum activity periods.

3 values are displayed in the lower part:

  1. Green columns refers to the number of chats throughout the relevant hour of the day
  2. The line with black dots refers to the average number of chat visitors
  3. The line with yellow dots refers to the average number of availabe operators

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