In order to register in the Netrox SC system, go to the registration page

Note that the registration procedure through the website is only necessary upon your first time with the system. If you need to add new operators, sites or even an organization (Account) into the system, all of this can be done from the system interface, without having to undergo repeat registration.

Carefully fill in all the form fields given at the registration page:

  1. Email.
    Electronic mail address in the format. This is the most important field. It is your future login (user name for system access) as the first user and administrator of the registered project (Account).
    This email address will be used for activating the created account. If you enter an incorrect or nonexistent email address, you will not be able to complete the registration process.
  2. Last name.
    Your last name. This refers to the last name of the person registering the organization in the system, and the first administrator of this Account.
    Further on you will be able to add other administrators and, if you decide so, relieve yourself from the administrator duties.
  3. Name.
    Your name.
  4. Company.
    The name of your company. Use the name that is convenient to you. There is no need to enter the full official title of the legal entity.
    Convenient: Netrox
    Likely inconvenient: "Netrox" LLC
  5. Company website.
    The URL of your website in the format.
    Correct: or
    If you have several sites, enter the URL of one of them. The others can be added into the system via the interface.
  6. Country.
    The country of your company's location.

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