Site operation schedule

The operation schedule setting function allows for regulating the online chat widget display on the site in set hours.
During non-working hours the operators will appear offline
to the visitors they are in chat with, regardless of the actual presence of the operators online.

Online schedule: a Website function. If you added several Websites to an Account, operation schedules are set up for each one individually.
If there are no operators logged on in the specified work time, the chat window onsite will still be in offline mode. This is basic system behavior and is not regulated by the "Operation schedule" function.
This function is available to the Pro subscribers

Enabling Online schedule

To set up the operation schedule:

  1. Select Website in the upper system menu
  2. Go to the General tab
  3. If several sites are attached to your Account or if you administer more than one Account, in the dropdown menu select the site you need to set up
  4. In the vertical left field select Online schedule
  5. Check the Enable schedule for this website box
  6. Set up the time span
  7. Press the Save button
Setting up the website online schedule. Netrox SC live chat software

Setting up a consistent schedule for any weekday

If your website's online schedule does not differ on various weekdays, basic settings without division by weekday will be sufficient:

  1. Press the Add working hours button
  2. In the ensuing window select the time span using the slider
    Setting up the website online schedule. Netrox SC live chat software. Fig.2
  3. Press the Done button
  4. If needed, add another time span by repeating the items from 1 through 3
  5. To edit a created time span, left-click the relevant list row and press the Modify button, after which correct the time using the slider
  6. Upon completing the setup process, press the Save button

Division by weekdays

If you need to adjust the online schedule more flexibly with division by weekday:

  1. Check the Split by days of week box
  2. For each weekday set up the adjustments similarly to setting up a consistent schedule
  3. Upon completing the setup process, press the Save button
If the check mark is set for a weekday, but there are no time spans selected, the website will be offline the entire day

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