Visitor incoming request distribution queue

You can adjust the procedure for your operators' handling of the incoming calls in the special system settings section.
In this case, new calls from visitors will not be forwarded to all operators, but only one selected by the system.
The selection mechanism accounts for the load (number of chats) per each operator and distributes randomly between equal-ranking operators.

The Netrox online consultant supports an unlimited number of chat operator priority levels. Precedence is adhered to based on the following principle: all incoming calls will be distributed between the operators of the highest priority as long as there is at least one operator of this level online. This means that if there is at least one "priority 1" level operator online, the "priority 2" operators will not receive any incoming calls.

If only the operators not participating in the precedence queue are online, the incoming call will arrive simultaneously to all online operators.

To set up the incoming call precedence:

  1. Go to Website section
  2. Click the Chat distribution subsection tab
  3. Check that selected is the site you want to set the distribution queue for
  4. Switch the queue to Enabled state
  5. Distribute operators by priority. To do that, you can simply drag elements between interface blocks or mark one or several operator rows and use the move left or right buttons located between the blocks to shift left or right.
  6. Having finished the prioritizing, remember to press the Save button

If you have a filtration system set up, the online consulting system will take that into consideration. For instance, if the filter system sent out a message from the operator whose automatic turn it was at the time, and the operator went offline without waiting for the visitor's response, with the incoming call queueing mechanism activated, the response will arrive to one of the operators you select for handling the incoming calls.

If you do not use the smart incoming call redirection mechanism, all incoming calls not tied to auto-filtration will arrive to all online operators simultaneously.

Setting up the incoming chat request queue. Netrox SC live chat software
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