User variables for remote systems integration

When forming a request to a remote system, visitor variables can be used, to be filled in by the operator initiating the sending.

The number of visitor variables is not limited by the system, but always remember that additional actions on the operator's side reduce their productivity.

To adjust user variables, check the box "Request data from operator" in the Website / Integration interface. This will summon the Additional variables line below, together with a table of variables.

Adding a variable

To add a variable, press the + Variable button in the left part of the table heading. A row will be added to the table.

Adjusting the variable

Three parameters should be set for each variable:

  1. Name
    The set of symbols you are going to use when pasting the value of this variable into the request to a remote system and/or processing the response.
  2. Type
    The Netrox SC online consultant provides for three types of user variables:
    1. String - Prior to sending the operator will be prompted to fill in the text field.
    2. Value list - The operator will see a dropdown menu with set options for selections.
    3. Integer - As in the case with the string, there is a text field here but involving a consistency check of the input data for an integer.
  3. Mandatory
    The system will not let the operator let the field empty if this box is checked.

Adjusting the variable value list

If the Value list type is selected for the user variable, the additional Values button will appear. Upon pressing this button a window will open, allowing for value list adjustment.

The values are given as a table (list). Addition and subtraction is done using the same principle as with the variables themselves. In order to add a value, press + Variant. To delete, move the mouse pointer to the value string and press the appearing Delete button

Three parameters should be filled in for each value:

  1. Value
    The set of symbols to be inserted when sending to a remote system.
  2. Name
    What the operator will see in the opened menu.
  3. Default
    Use this value option as the default in the form shown to the operator.
    If no default option is selected, the dropdown menu will be empty.

Deleting a variable

To delete, move the mouse pointer to the variable string. Press the Delete button appearing on the right.

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