Preprocessing handler for integration with the Megaplan CRM system

The need to use a preprocessing handler when integrating the Netrox SC online consultant with the Megaplan CRM system ( is dictated by the complexity of the authorization process when sending requests to this system's API. The handler always sends two requests. The first one is used to authorize the user while the second one to carry out the required task.


Handler URL:

When setting up integration in the Website -- Integration section of the Netrox SC interface, specify the address of this handler instead of the handler address in the Megaplan API.

Data should be sent using the Http POST method

Input parameters

The list of mandatory input parameters:

MegaplanID Your organization's account identifier within Megaplan. The first part of the address you open in your browser to access the CRM interface. For instance, if the address is, the identifier will be somename.
HandlerURI URI of the Megaplan API handler the data is planned to send to. For instance, /BumsCrmApiV01/Contractor/save.api
Login The Megaplan user login whose name is to be used to send the data
Password The Megaplan user password
PasswordMD5 If you do not want to use the password within the system openly, you can send it hashed based on the MD5 algorithm. In this case, the Password field does not need transferring.
Method API request method. Permissible values are POST and GET (upper register)
Note that you can use the Netrox SC system variables in all fields. For instance, you can keep the Megaplan authorization data in the operator's additional fields.

All data that needs to be sent to the API handler is transferred additionally in the fields of the same request in the form required by the Megaplan API.


The preprocessing handler conveys the response intact. If incorrect data is sent out, the preprocessing handler will return a response in JSON format, containing the error information.

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