Setting up remote systems integration

The integration of the Netrox SC live chat software with remote systems is set up in the Website -- Integration section of the system interface.


To simplify integration, the system offers several typical configurations providing connection with popular CRM systems. To add a remote system using a typical configuration, press the Wizard button in the upper tool panel and follow the system instructions.

Configurations currently available within the system:

  1. Bitrix24. Lead forwarding.
  2. Megaplan. Authorization upon entry of the communication area and forwarding of contacts during operation
  3. amoCRM. Authorization upon entry of the communication area and creation of transactions during operation

Settings management elements

If the wizard does not contain your system of choice, set up integration manually. Described below are the management elements for the set-up.

  1. State
    Forwarding to an added remote system will be displayed to the operators are processed in the communication area only if it is set to "Enabled" state.
  2. Title
    The name of the integration to be displayed in the list to the left and the button in the communication area when set-up accordingly. It should not be made too long, but make sure the operators understand what the button's purpose is.
  3. Description
    This is not displayed anywhere except the set-up interface. To be filled in at the administrator's discretion.
  4. Method
    The method of data forwarding to a remote system.
  5. Launch with button
    With the box checked, the forwarding to a remote system will be performed each time the operator presses the "close correspondence" button. Upon chat switching and blocking, no forwarding will be performed.
  6. Launch on chat closing
    With the box checked, the forwarding to a remote system will be performed upon the operator's entry in the communication area. This may be useful if the remote system requires additional authorization prior to sending requests.
  7. Ask agent for info
    If needed you can provide the operator with a form used prior to forwarding to obtain additional information that is not present in the system. For instance, the customer's interest, the transaction potential and so on. When this box is checked, the block "Additional variables" appears.
    Setting up user variables
  8. Request
    This is where the forming of a remote system request is set up.
    Setting up the remote system request

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