Integration with CRM, Helpdesk and other remote systems

This function is employed to transfer information about visitors and chats to third-party systems. It can be set up to activate upon pressing a button in the chat area or upon such events as an operator's entry into the chat area or the closing of a chat.
The sending of data to remote systems is a Website function. If you added several Websites to an Account, the sending parameters are set up for each of the sites individually.
This function is available to subscribers starting with the Pro level and up

Currently the following data sending methods are supported:

  1. HTTP Post form data (of the key/value pairs)
  2. HTTP Post XML data
  3. HTTP Post JSON data
  4. HTTP Get of the key/value pairs in the query string
  5. By email message

For all sending methods, except for Email, there is a remote system response handling option. The system recognizes responses in JSON and XML formats with the ability of structure analisys, as well as plain text. Having handled the response, one of the available actions can be taken:

  1. A URL can be formed for the page whose link will be displayed to the operator who initiated the data send. It may be useful, for instance, for opening up a card of the contractor created in the CRM.
  2. Write the data from the response into visitor data fields.

Aside from a large number of system variables available for sending (data pertaining to the visitor, chat, an operator), there is an option of additionally setting up own variables that the operator will be suggested to fill in prior to sending data.

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