Editable visitor information input fields

With the visitor information field editing function the operators gain the ability to manually introduce additional information
that may further on be analyzed in reports or, for instance, be sent for processing by a third-party system.

Visitor fields editing settings are a Site function. If you added several Sites to an Account, information fields are set up for each of the sites individually.
This function is available to the Pro subscribers
Setting up the visitors' editable fields Netrox SC on-line consultant
Fig. 1

Setting up editable fields

In order to set up a visitor's editable fields, please:

  1. Select Website in the upper system menu
  2. Go to the General tab
  3. If several sites are attached to your Account or if you administer more than one Account, in the dropdown menu select the site you need to set up
  4. In the vertical left field select Editable visitor's fields
Setting up the visitors' editable fields. Netrox SC live chat software
Fig. 2

This system section lists all the visitor fields available for editing. Editing tools are provided under the field names:

  1. Name
    The field title your operators will be seeing in the visitor's detailed information area.
  2. Is agent-editable
    If you want to grant your operators access to editing this field, check this box.
    Attention. If you allow the operators to edit the visitor fields you set up to be visible in the chat window on the site, the visitor will see your changes when they enter the site.
  3. Required
    If you mark the field as mandatory for filling, the operator will not be able to close a chat with a visitor without filling in this field.
    The system will require input in the field only if the correspondence features no less than one visitor message. That means the field concerns only established chats.
  4. Type
    Two possible types are available: text and value list. The text fields will be provided to the operators as regular fields for text input. For the "value list" option a dropdown menu will be formed, containing those value items you will set up below.
The changing of the name and the "value list" data type are available only for the three additional fields. For the standard fields Name, Telephone and Email these parameters are unavailable.
Setting up the visitor's editable fields. Netrox SC live chat software. Fig. 2
Fig. 3

To create a option dropdown list, in the "Type" dropdown menu select the "Option List" item. Below will appear an empty table for creating the field value items.

The table consists of three columns:

  1. Value is what will be shown in the visitor information field when selecting the corresponding item.
  2. Name will be visible to the operator upon opening the dropdown menu.
  3. Default. Check this box opposite the item to be assigned to the visitors by default upon opening correspondence with them. If the box is left unchecked, by default the field will be empty.

In order to add an item, press the "Add option" button (Fig.3 - 5)

To delete an existing option, move the mouse cursor to the line corresponding to the item and press the Delete button appearing on the right (Fig.3 - 6)

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