Department settings

Select a department in the list to the left to edit it.

General department information

The default data is set in the "Department" block of the selected department's setup area.

These Title, Description and Icon of the department will be used in the selection form on each website of the account if the following conditions are met simultaneously:

  1. The department is activated for viewing on this site.
  2. The department does not have individual values set up in the given fields for this website.
  3. In the chat widget settings on this website the department selection form is activated.
  4. Operators of more than one department are present in the chat area.

Assignment of users to department

Any Account user may be assigned to one or several departments. In the Members block click the edit button. In the ensuing modal window  check boxes next to the users you want to assign to the department. After assigning a user to the department the position input field becomes active.

You can assign a user to a department/departments and put in their position also using the Account -- Users section.

Department displaying on websites

It is not obligatory that all departments be displayed in the department selection form on websites. Additionally, for each department, different name, description and image can be set to be used on different websites of the account. All of this is done in the Display On Sites block

After making any changes remember to press the Save button.

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