Agent departments

If you want, you can distribute managers by departments. A visitor can select a department both manually and in software via Javascript API.

Department order

Tou can drag and drop items of the department list at the left side for switching the department view order. Use them only if you are intending to bring departments into the selection form on the site. Otherwise the department order is of no consequence.

Netrox SC does not recommend using the department selection form prior to initiating a chat. The presence of such form drastically reduces the possibility of correspondence to happen. The department selection form is a barrier to entering a chat. We consider that the best solution for filtering the visitors is the presence of the incoming chat request queueing system that locks all the incoming calls to the secretary, who can, based on the first phrases, determine which expert the visitor should be directed to.
Departments assigned in software using the JavaScript API can also serve for distributing calls depending on the visitor geography, site department and other criteria available for analysis.

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