Chat report summary

This correspondence report subsection presents summary data on correspondences over the selected period. The page consists of three blocks: "Chat Summary", "Time On-Line" and "Other".

Chats summary

Chat attempts total displays the overall number of attempts to initiate a chat. Includes system auto-invitations, initial operator invitations and the first dialing of operators by the visitors.

Full-fledged chats are chats containing 4 and more messages out of which at least 2 are by the operator and 2 by the visitor.

Without operator response is a chat where the last message in the dialog was a visitor's, but which is not a full-fledged one. Includes both initial calls without operator response and chats initiated by an automatic invitation where the visitor responded and the operator did not respond to the visitor's message. If the automatic invitation to chat, for instance "Hello, can I help you with anything?" invokes the visitor's response "No, thanks" or similar, it makes sense for the operator to offer a response. Example: "OK. I'm here if you need anything". Such phrases help establish rapport with the visitor and are a sign of courtesy. Additionally, such correspondence will be labeled as "Other chats" and will not stain the operator's statistics.

Following the visitor's "No, thanks" response, the operator should take not of the open/closed window signal. Often visitors follow such message by minimizing the chat, and it is not always appropriate to open the window again for responding.

Without visitor response is a chat where the last message in the dialog was an operators, but which is not a full-fledged one. Includes all system auto-invitations that remained without a response, as well as active calls made by operators.

Other is the category of chats that did not fit into any of the above.

Each type of correspondence features the absolute numeric value of its quantity and share in the overall amount, expressed as a percentage.

Time On-Line

Total time spent by the operators on-line over the selected period, in the hh:mm:ss format.


Off-line messages - Number of off-line messages over the selected period..

Off-line messages can be set up and viewed in the Reports -- Off-line messages section.

Average response time (sec) -- Average operator message response time in seconds.

Depending on chat specifics, this value can vary within a wide range. This value is usually bigger than the average first message response time. Nevertheless, the lower this value, the more effective the operator's work. The time of up to 90-120 seconds is acceptable.

Average first message response time (sec) -- Average time of response to the operator's first message, in seconds.

The time of up to 30-60 seconds is a good response value.

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