The chat report's "Initiation" section

This correspondence report subsection lists all correspondence initiators over the selected period. Each chat initiator has the following listed on them:

  1. The number of chat attempts and their share in the overall amount of attempts, expressed in percentage.
  2. The number of full-fledged chats among these attempts and their share in the overall amount of chat attempts, expressed in percentage.

By visitors

The first line (highlighted in red) displays chats initiated by visitors, if any took place over the selected time period.

Note that chats initiated by visitors presuppose the visitors' unambiguous consent to dialogue, since these visitors sent their message without prior questions from operators. This means that the number of full-fledged chats among them should tend to be close to the overall amount, and ideally be equal to it. If the number of full-fledged chats is significantly lower than the number of requests from visitors, this means that operators are for some reason ignoring incoming calls.

By operators

Further is the list of all operators who initiated chats by themselves in the selected time frame (highlighted in green).

The number of full-fledged chats here will be significantly lower and depends on a large number of criteria. In particular, it depends on the extent the operator's message corresponded to the visitor's requirements, whether the traffic was targeted, and so on.

By following the ratio between full chats and the overall number of help offers and by correcting phrases and other parameters pertaining to addressing visitors you can work out the most efficient tactic of calling visitors manually.

By robot

Following the operators is the full list of filters that were triggered in regards to the visitors over the specified time period, or the automatic invitation. In terms of statistics these chat initiators are in no way different from those of operators. You can observe which filters the visitors respond to more often and, by correcting message conditions and text and by adding new filters, achieve maximum efficiency in processing the site visitor flow.

All automatic invitations and filters are highlighted in blue. Titles begin with the word "AUTO:", followed by the filter name, or "Automatic invitation" if you used the simplified automatic message mechanism.

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