Chat report

Some or all websites on account may be unavailable to you for reports viewing. Ask your system administration whether you have been given rights to view reports. The relevant setting is in the Account -- Users section. Account websites access -- Grant access to chat report

To draw up a chat report:

  1. Use the calendar to select the report's time span
  2. Select the website from the dropdown list
  3. Press the Draw up button
By default, the already-drawn report for the previous day is shown.

The left vertical menu contains the subsections for the chat report:

Report filtration

The system allows for flexible management of statistical data using filters and combinations thereof. Filters based on time spans, operators, geography, link sources and search queries are available. To turn on a filter: press the funnel image (gray). In the dropdown menu select the required limitations.

  1. Press the filter button ("funnel" in the upper tool panel)
  2. In the ensuing dropdown menu select the required limitations.
  3. Press the Draw up button
After a filter has been activated (the funnel turns orange), press the "Draw up" button.

You can always cancel filter limitations. To do that, you must access the menu again, and by using the orange indication to orientate, press the "Draw up" button.

Dumping into file

You can dump the report information into a .csv file (values divided by semicolon)

The system dumps all information for the specified time span without consideration for filter limitations, even if filters are activated.

Print output

You can always print out the report by using the corresponding interface control located in the upper right corner of the relevant report subsection.

Report subsections

Search queries

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