Setting up a message in filters

If you have selected the "Send message" or "Dummy invitation" filter action, the filter settings will have the Message block.

The first check box Send as operator (Fig. 1.1). Toggle it on if you want the filtration system to send the message on behalf of one of the operators. If the visitor responds, the notification about the incoming call will be seen/heard only by the operator whose name was used to send the message.

Sending message on behalf of operator

If you elected to send a message on behalf of an operator, operator name entry field appeared below (Fig. 1.2). You can proceed to typing the name or email of the operator you want to add, and the system will automatically suggest options. When selecting operators, bars containing their names will appear below the entry field.
Also you can click the open full list link to select operators from the list (Fig. 1.3).

Then you will need to choose the system behavior in case the selected operators are offline: Ignore filter or Insert title (Fig 1.4). If you select "ignore", should the selected operators be offline, the filter will simply not work. If you select "insert title", the message will be sent according to the Send blind carbon copy message

Setting up automatic message. Active filters. Netrox SC live chat software
Fig. 1

Sending blind carbon copy message

If you send out a blind carbon copy message, you will have to fill in the Title field (Fig. 1.5) (what will be shown instead of the operator's name) and Text (message text) (Fig. 1.6). If the visitor responds to a message, the incoming call will be handled based on regular rules, meaning, with the incoming call queue turned on, the call will be directed to the operator selected by the system, and if the queue is turned off, the call will be visible to all operators simultaneously.

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