Filter management

Several simple rules of filter operation:

  1. A visitor cannot be filtered twice. If one filter has been initiated, others will not.
  2. Only those visitors are filtered whose chats are empty. If there has been at least one message, the visitor will not participate in filtration.
  3. Filters initiate in the order they are listed in the filter settings page. To change filter priority, use the arrow buttons on the tool panel above the filter list. This means that blocking filters with equal filtration criteria will activate earlier than automatic message filters.
  4. With the activated simple automatic message from the "Website -- General" section, filters do not operate.

Filter creation

Managing automatic action filters. Netrox SC live chat software Fig. 1 Fig. 1
  1. Go to the Website section
  2. click the Active filters subsection tab
  3. If you have several sites, make sure that the right one is selected in the dropdown menu to the upper left. If you only have one site, the dropdown menu will not be available.
  4. In the tool panel above the filter list press the Create button.
  5. In the entry fields of the Filter block fill in the name and description of the filter.

    This data will not be seen by the site visitors. They are for your convenience in orienting in the created filter list
  6. In the Action dropdown select which action will be applied to a user if they meet the filter condition.

    • Hard blocking The visitors coming under the effect of the filter will not receive the chat window code and will be completely ignored by the system
    • Soft blocking
      The visitor under effect of the filter will be flagged as "Blocked" which the operator will be able to remove manually by selecting a visitor from the list. They will be issued the offline window form (if designated).
    • Send message
      The visitor under effect of the filter will be sent an automatic message.
    • Dummy invitation
      The main difference of this action from the regular "Automatic message" is that the dummy invitation is not registered in the system in any way and is only active within the current site page. This means that after the visitor moves to another page, the invitation will no longer be in the chat window, and another filter may be triggered, for instance the one designated for the visitors of the new page.

    Under conditions of blocking auto-actions (hard and soft blocking) only the following variables are considered: City, Country, IP address

  7. In the Filter condition block set the filter triggering condition.
  8. If you are creating a filter that sends a message, set the message sending parameters.
  9. Press the "Save" button.
Make sure to press the Apply button if you want the changes to come into effect and be visible on the site.

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